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Sharing Christ's love with each other and the world. 

Sermons 2022

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Epiphany - "May All Kings Fall Down Before Him"

January 9 - "Precious in God's Eyes"

January 16 - "The Best Wedding Gift"

January 23 - "Gracious Words Are for Our Ears"

January 30 - "Who's In Charge?"

Hubert Gohlke Funeral

February 6 - "Stay Close, Lord Jesus!"

February 13 - "You Are Blessed…. YES!!!

February 20 - "Come Near to Me, Please"

Ash Wednesday - "Upon the Cross Extended See the Prince of Life"

March 6 - "Dealing with Temptation" Rev. Lincon Guerra

March 9 - "Upon the Cross Extended See the Innocent One

March 13 - "And You Would Not"

March 16 - "Upon the Cross Extended See the Doom I Deserved"

March 20 - "Worse Sinners?"

March 23 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Savior's Strong Love"

March 30 - "Upon the Cross Extended See God's Anger Quenched"

April 3 - "May It Never Be!"

April 6 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Power to Forgive"

April 10 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Crown"

April 14 - "Upon the Cross Extended See God's Love and Mercy Sealed"

April 15 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Way to Eternal Rest"

Easter - "Upon the Cross Extended See Death's Grave!"

April 24 - "Speak All the Words of This Life"

May 1 - "Revealed by Fish"

May 8 - "I Shall Not Want"

May 15 - "No One Will Take Your Joy from You"

May 22 - "He Hears My Voice"

May 29 - "Head Over All Things!"

June 5 - "From the Manger to the Cross and to Pentecost"

Funeral of Mary Alice Ramm

June 12 - "The Holy Trinity"

June 19 - "Why Do You Not Leave Me Alone?"

June 26 - "Fit for the Kingdom?"

July 3 - "Our Heavenly Father's Motherly Love"

7-10 ( HOW DO YOU READ IT? )

July 17 - "Distracted from Serving?


July 31 We Are His People

Aug 7 Your Father's Good Pleasure

Aug 21 Last Will Be First, First Will Be Last

Aug 28 "Take Care; Be on Your Guard"

Sept 4"Count the Complete It!"

Sept 11 "Lost and Found!"

Sept 18 "God Knows Your Hearts!"

Sept 25 "They Have Moses and the Prophets"

Oct 2 "If God Himself Be for Me"

Oct 9 "O God, My Faithful God

  Oct 23 The peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus

Oct 30 "Being Justified as a Gift by His Grace

Nov 6 "A Great Multitude...Before the LAMB!"

Nov 13 " Straighten Up; Your Redemption Draws Near!"

Nov 20 "The Kingdom of His Beloved Son!"

Nov 27 "Hosanna!"

Dec 4 "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

Dec 25 "The Word became Flesh and Dwelt among Us!"

Jan 1 " Welcome in the New Year in the Name of Jesus!"

Jan 8 "Need to Be Baptized!"

Jan 15 "Who Takes Away the Sin of the World!

Jan 22 "The Word of the Cross...the Power of God!"

Jan 29 "We Preach Christ Crucified!"

Feb 5 "Nothing Among You Except Christ and Him Crucified!"

Feb 12 "God Gives the Increase!"

Feb 19 "Listen to Him!"

Feb 26 "It Is Written!"

Mar 5 Whoever Believes in Him!"

Mar 12 "Worship in Spirit and Truth!"

Mar 19 "And He Worshiped Him!"

Mar 26 "I AM the Resurrection and the Life!"

April 2 "Hosanna !"

April 9 "The Lie Continues to this Day!"

April 16 "Believe that Jesus is the Christ!"

April 23 "Recognized Him in the Breaking of the Bread !"

April 30 "Having Life Abundantly!"

May 7 "The Way, the Truth, the Life"

May 14 " Proof to all Men [Children of God] by Raising [Christ Jesus] from the Dead !"

May 21 "Mission Accomplished"

May 28 "The Spirit Gave Them Utterance"

April 11 "Faith Counted as Righteousness!"

June 18 "A Treasured Possession"

Juna 25 "Acknowledge Me before Men!'

July 2 "Not Peace but a Sword?"

July 16 "My Word ... Will Not Return Empty!"

July 23 "He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear!"

July 30 "The Pearl of Great Price!"

Aug 6 "He Had Compassion on Them!'

Aug 13 "Lord, Save Me !"

Aug 20

Aug 27

Sept 3

Sept 10

Sept 17

Sept 24

Oct 1 2023

10/ 8 Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost