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Sharing Christ's love with each other and the world. 

Sermons 2022


Epiphany - "May All Kings Fall Down Before Him"

January 9 - "Precious in God's Eyes"

January 16 - "The Best Wedding Gift"

January 23 - "Gracious Words Are for Our Ears"

January 30 - "Who's In Charge?"

Hubert Gohlke Funeral

February 6 - "Stay Close, Lord Jesus!"

February 13 - "You Are Blessed…. YES!!!

February 20 - "Come Near to Me, Please"

Ash Wednesday - "Upon the Cross Extended See the Prince of Life"

March 6 - "Dealing with Temptation" Rev. Lincon Guerra

March 9 - "Upon the Cross Extended See the Innocent One

March 13 - "And You Would Not"

March 16 - "Upon the Cross Extended See the Doom I Deserved"

March 20 - "Worse Sinners?"

March 23 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Savior's Strong Love"

March 30 - "Upon the Cross Extended See God's Anger Quenched"

April 3 - "May It Never Be!"

April 6 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Power to Forgive"

April 10 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Crown"

April 14 - "Upon the Cross Extended See God's Love and Mercy Sealed"

April 15 - "Upon the Cross Extended See My Way to Eternal Rest"

Easter - "Upon the Cross Extended See Death's Grave!"

April 24 - "Speak All the Words of This Life"

May 1 - "Revealed by Fish"

May 8 - "I Shall Not Want"

May 15 - "No One Will Take Your Joy from You"

May 22 - "He Hears My Voice"

May 29 - "Head Over All Things!"

June 5 - "From the Manger to the Cross and to Pentecost"

Funeral of Mary Alice Ramm

June 12 - "The Holy Trinity"

June 19 - "Why Do You Not Leave Me Alone?"

June 26 - "Fit for the Kingdom?"

July 3 - "Our Heavenly Father's Motherly Love"

7-10 ( HOW DO YOU READ IT? )

July 17 - "Distracted from Serving?


July 31 We Are His People

Aug 7 Your Father's Good Pleasure

Aug 21 Last Will Be First, First Will Be Last

Aug 28 "Take Care; Be on Your Guard"

Sept 4"Count the Complete It!"

Sept 11 "Lost and Found!"

Sept 18 "God Knows Your Hearts!"

Sept 25 "They Have Moses and the Prophets"

Oct 2 "If God Himself Be for Me"

Oct 9 "O God, My Faithful God

  Oct 23 The peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus

Oct 30 "Being Justified as a Gift by His Grace

Nov 6 "A Great Multitude...Before the LAMB!"

Nov 13 " Straighten Up; Your Redemption Draws Near!"

Nov 20 "The Kingdom of His Beloved Son!"

Nov 27 "Hosanna!"

Dec 4 "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

Dec 25 "The Word became Flesh and Dwelt among Us!"

Jan 1 " Welcome in the New Year in the Name of Jesus!"

Jan 8 "Need to Be Baptized!"

Jan 15 "Who Takes Away the Sin of the World!

Jan 22 "The Word of the Cross...the Power of God!"

Jan 29 "We Preach Christ Crucified!"