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Sharing Christ's love with each other and the world. 

About Life in Christ Academy


With the coming retirement of Pastor Symm from St. John Lutheran Church in 2022, the Administrator position at Life in Christ Academy will also undergo a change in personnel. Tina Symm has held that position since the opening of LICA in the fall of 1999. The Board of LICA, under the oversight of the Education Committee of St. John Lutheran Church of Lariat, is working diligently on this transition as the departure of the Symm family approaches. We have no intention of closing our preschool. In fact, we pledge to spare no effort in order to continue the quality program of instruction offered by LICA. Those working on the transition are focused on bringing in a new Director who appreciates the uniqueness of our program and shares the vision of LICA’s commitment to sharing God’s love for all in Jesus Christ. A well-qualified individual has already been secured to assume the Director’s responsibilities during the transition. Our interim director has many years of experience as a Christian preschool director and teacher. We welcome Mrs. Sylvia Bean aboard to assist us as LICA begins the next chapter in this continued ministry to the families of our community.

LICA Board of Trustees


The purpose of Life in Christ Academy Preschool is to provide a Christian education as an important part of the ministry of St. John Lutheran Church, by:

1. Being a Work of God workshop, in which the Holy Spirit is the most active worker because of the presence and prominence of the Holy Scripture.

2. Having teachers who assure the children of peace with God through forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

3. Having formal lessons with thorough and systematic teaching of the Bible.

4. Having a curriculum which is taught from the perspective of the Holy Scriptures. We at St. John Lutheran Church recognize that every Christian church family has their respective beliefs.  In our effort to minister to people of all religious backgrounds, we will do our best not to compromise other Christian beliefs.

5. Pressing for excellence in teaching and learning, and view persons as people of God continually discovering more of God’s will and His creation.

6. Viewing the Christian life as worship, witness, fellowship, service, and learning with concern for world missions, social ministry, and stewardship education integrated into the curriculum and life of the teachers and leaders.

7. Being owned, operated, and an integral part of the congregation as evidence by constituion, bylaws, and budget.

Mission Statement of Life in Christ Academy

Our mission is to be a caring Christian family united in preserving and spreading the gospel so that all people may receive eternal life.