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Sharing Christ's love with each other and the world. 


What do LCMS congregations believe?

For additional information on LCMS beliefs and practices visit the LCMS Beliefs page on 

I am not a Lutheran or a member of another LCMS church, can I still attend St. John?

Yes!  We welcome all who wish to worship and enrich their spiritual journey in Christ.  

What types of family or children's ministries do you offer?

We have several opportunities for adults, teens and children to participate in ministry opportunities on a weekly and monthly basis.  See our Ministries page for more information.

What are the LCMS views on baptism?

Visit FAQs: Baptism at for additional information regarding baptism beliefs and practices. 

What are the LCMS views and practices regarding communion?

Visit FAQs: The Lord's Supper at for additional information regarding holy communion beliefs and practices. 

I want to learn more about St. John, where do I start?

Contact Us!  We would enjoy getting to know you and introducing you to our family!